Torxun Vehicle Access Technologies creates elegantly simple, high performance automated vehicle gate products. We accomplish this by learning from 40 years of historical experience engineering and installing gates. We strive to create visually appealing products that outperform competing products. Whether it’s an operator-only installation, a complete turnkey system or a specific component we provide you a solution engineered for your exact requirements.

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  1. powerful, durable, and a twist of flexibility to give you standard products with lots of options.
John and Art

John and Art: A partnership of doers - doing

Art Hird

Since 1976 Art has overseen the design, installation and servicing of thousands of complex gate and access control systems. Many of these reside in some of the highest profile residential and commercial properties in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has faced and solved clients' innumerable technical challenges. Along the way the small and large innovative solutions he has conceived have met clients' needs and in the process become the line of Torxun products.

John Martin

John has been a professional installer, fabricator and practical engineer in the gate industry for much of his professional life. He goes home at night with a few more scrapes on his hands and a bit of grease under his nails. He is the executioner of ideas. He has seen it all and is tireless at solving the unsolvable by creating prototypes, tinkering with components and pushing suppliers to do things they hadn't thought about.

The collaborative partnership of John Martin and Art Hird is not unlike many of the great visionary, innovator relationships in technology and industry. Their hands-on, 30 year collaboration has solved highly complex challenges which other providers would simply not attempt. Art walks jobs with customers, architects and engineers every week and sees, feels and hears the challenges, wants and desires of gate consumers and looks for the edge to solve those challenges. Once the challenge has been clearly identified and translated to a solution, John puts his tools and expertise into action to bring the ideas to physical reality. The Torxun team is energized by solving the challenges clients have experienced but simply couldn't get their providers to solve. Torxun prides itself on delivering proven, UL325 certified solutions, which are tailored to clients' specific projects.