Architects and Designers are rapidly adopting Torxun systems like the QuickFold, Secureslide and AMPED over legacy systems because they outperform in four key areas.

1. QuickFold systems are the most flexible platform for physical access design and can function as either a door or a gate depending on the design needs of the project. Configurable with thousands of finishes, multiple operators and with a guide or freestanding and trackless for out-of-building installation on the fence line.

2. Quiet operation and long-term tenant/owner satisfaction. When paired with the whisper-quiet operators ( Model 3 for QuickFold / Swing Gates and Model 7 for Secureslide applications) as well as isolated mounting to the ground and away from buildings, there is no quieter solution on the market. Every QuickFold is built with heavy duty details to deter noise including Torxun's highly regarded HeavyHinge which is designed to be extremely quiet and long lasting. This is perfect gate which outperforms all others where people, sleep, live and work.

3. Model 3 operators and Model 7 operators are made for heavy duty operation while hiding out of the way, so they are not seen and integrate with the design in a cabinet that is clean and seamless.

4. QuickFold systems are designed in conjunction with the Model 3 operator to provide a whole drive aisle opening unlike other gates that require more wasted space to accommodate their systems. More usable space means tighter openings and more available parking.