Developers and Builders are attracted to Torxun products because they are quick and simple to install and they solve a myriad problems of space, aesthetics, operational cost, satisfaction of tenants and are field installation supported. Torxun systems are built with solid steel casings and heavy-duty components where all motors and controls are enclosed inside for a cleaner look and away from vandals. Many Torxun systems can be installed in as little as day which is critical to the busy builder who cannot afford long closures of access to the jobsite.

The Quiet Design engineering of our systems ensures that noise will not be a factor where people live, sleep and work preventing downline problems that noisy systems create necessitating future replacement.

Excellence for High Profile Projects

Torxun products are developed from 45 years of installing gates at high profile construction jobs in the United States so they are field-proven and installer-friendly. Architects have adopted the QuickFold™ with Model 3 Operators as the go-to solution for design continuity and flexibility, especially on projects where space and noise are a concern.

Our resourceful install team is available to our Developer and Builder partners to help in the installation process insuring quick and flawless installation.