Distributors value Torxun products because they are designed to be high quality, long lasting and well designed resulting in fewer returns. Resellers also like that Torxun has tested our systems with the products integrators are carrying today resulting in a larger, more complete sale. A folding gate alone can provide the integrator with a minimum of about 10 parts on averaging insuring large transactions.

Torxun provides distributors with the confidence of a quality product, the intelligence of smart design, outstanding, easy-to-follow documentation and a strong, supportive warranty.

Integrators value Torxun products for similar reasons to distributors, but to integrators who rely on product quality to prevent call-backs and labor losses, the value of well made and reliable products is paramount to their profitability and business growth success. Additionally, many products Torxun provides to integrators are the result of field testing and engineering where, necessity dictated creating solutions which met rigorous demands. Torxun helps integrators with turn-key systems, operator configuration and site planning including mounts for many surfaces and soils. Integrators and installers realize their reputation is dependent on the products that extend their design vision and installation expertise to being THE trusted installer in their market.