Residential Gate Access Control Systems

Single-family homes and living communities often require vehicle and pedestrian residential gate access control systems. They typically are used 24/7 and require flexible access and security and often must accommodate pedestrian access. Torxun's innovative vehicle and pedestrian access gates have proven to meet the particular demands of these properties:


Torxun residential gate access control systems and door solutions accommodate the design taste of the architects -- glass, steel, aluminum, lighting, modern, and classical.

Secure Heavy-duty Steel Frame Gates And Enclosed Operators

Outperform wood gates and consumer level grade operators.

Reliable And Durable

Our gate system is designed for heavy use -- dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a day for decades, and with DC power, they work even when the power goes out.

Quiet and Fast

DesiWhere people are living and working, noise and vibrations are unacceptable. QuickFold gates are whisper quiet and their opening geometry gets them open faster than any other making residents happy and safe.

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