Data centers and Biotech facilities are discrete and must be secure. With key business operations in a more data driven world, secure state-of-the-art systems include Torxun physical security. Sliding systems inside the building and perimeter folding systems outside as well as secure pedestrian walk gates. All integrable into the site's electronic security infrastructure.


Secure heavy-duty steel gates with seamless integration to existing access control software and systems. Our SecureMAX packages include climb over deterrent, fast open/close times, gate locking systems and secure monolithic operators with no exposed wire, boxes or fasteners.


Designed for heavy use -- dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a day for decades and with DC power, they work even when the power doesn't.


Will accommodate the site design of the architects -- steel, solid, welded-wire, modern, classical or matched materials-- whatever helps the data center disappear from prying eyes and provided the interior access with a futuristic design pallet.

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