Distribution and Transportation centers are the hub of intense activity 24/7. Vehicles -- often tractor trailers -- need to move easily in and out of the facility after appropriate access control protocols. Within the distribution center building, forklifts must move into and out of secure storage areas. Torxun's innovative vehicle, warehouse and pedestrian access gates have proven to meet the stringent demands of these properties:

Secure Heavy Duty

Steel gates with seamless integration to existing access control software and systems. Our SecureMAX packages include climb over deterrent, fast open/close times, gate locking systems and secure monolithic operators with no exposed wire, boxes or fasteners.

Reliable And Durable

Designed for heavy use -- dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a day for decades and with DC power, they work even when the power doesn't. These are industrial-grade products with refined behavior - low noise and a clean look.

Fast Opening

Opening geometry, operator and gate design move quickly while being UL 325 compliant to keep traffic moving.


Torxun Gate|Door Solutions accommodate the design taste of the architects -- steel, solid, welded-wire, modern, classical -- whatever matches the design of the facility.

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