Multi-Use properties include a combination of living residences, retail and commercial office space. They are typically densely populated and actively used 24/7 and require flexible access and security. Public and private parking areas must accommodate pedestrian access.

Torxun's innovative vehicle and pedestrian access gates have proven to meet the demands of these properties on multiple levels.

Secure Heavy-duty Steel Gates

Reliable and durable and designed for heavy use -- dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a day for decades, and with DC power, they work even when the power doesn't.

Quiet & Quick

Where people are living and working, noise and vibrations are unacceptable - noise cannot transfer into the building or ambiently must be quiet so as not to disturb residents. Fast and compliant with UL 325.


Torxun Gate|Door Solutions accommodate the design practicality of the architects -- glass, steel, aluminum, lighting, modern, classical with or without accent lighting.

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