Sports arenas and theme parks have unique aesthetic and safety requirements that potential other applications lack. Rapid movement of people in a secure environment or area lockdown with reliability is key to these high use facilities.


Heavy duty steel gates with seamless integration to existing access control software and automation systems and with heavy duty operators for million+ cycle openings.

Reliable And Durable

Designed for heavy use -- dozens of times an hour, hundreds of times a day for decades and with DC power, they work even when the power doesn't. These are industrial-grade products with refined behavior - low noise and a clean look designed for heavy use and long life.

Aesthetic & Fast Opening to UL 325 Standards

Torxun Gate|Door Solutions accommodate the design necessity of architects and designers -- steel, glass, lighted, solid, unique materials or even digital signage. Whatever matches the design of the facility. Design finishes to stand out or disappear into the look of the space.

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