Barrier Arms

Torxun designed and produces these lightweight, cost effective barrier arms in a variety of lengths for over 15 years. For the parts to mount these arms to existing operators and/or create folding arm systems see "Barrier Arm Accessories" below.

• Withstand more abuse than wood, lasting longer. Easier for onsite engineers to replace if they are damaged. Reduced impact to cars who bump.
• Lifetime steel adapter converts wooden gate arm units into units that accept the lightweight PVC arms.
• Lighter arms are easier for the motor to raise eliminating additional stress to the operator.

Barrier Arm Accessories

Torxun offers two kits to compliment the Barrier Gate Arms (see above). First is the Square Arm Adapter. This heavy duty bracket bolts to a barrier arm operator. Second is the Folding Arm Assembly Kit which allows a square barrier arm to accommodate low parking garage ceilings.

  • Durable, self lubrica ng joint assembly
  • Adjustable bracket and cable
  • 15 minute installation time
  • Fits Torxun 2.50" square PVC barrier arms
  • Fits most barrier arm operator sandwich plates
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Fits Torxun 2.50" square PVC barrier arms
  • Simple, 5 minute installa on


Torxun designed and produces this handle lock guard to simplify the fabrication and greatly improve the security and aesthetics of commercial pedestrian gates. They are easy to weld onto a new or existing gate. They can be painted to match the gate.

Meticulously welded and finished for long life and function.
Easy weldable assembly for easy installation on existing or new pedestrian gate.
24" high, 12" half-moon wide and 4" deep for complete surround of the lock lever and unencumbered lever access.