LockGuard™ and BarGuard™

Nearly all properties with peremter security rely on pedestrian (man) gates. Ensuring they are secure from vandals who from the outside can access the lock and open them within seconds is a frustration to property owners. Torxun has developed a simple, effective solution. The LockGuard and BarGuard are aesthetically designed easy to weld into an existing or new gate. They can accomode most standard lock hardware (e.g., Schlage, US Lock, Von Duprin, Cal Royal, etc.). These are a very cost effective way to create a secure pedestrian gate.

Easy weldable assembly for easy installation on existing or new pedestrian gate.
The LockGuard™ is 24" high, 12" half-moon wide and 4" deep for complete surround of the lock lever and unencumbered lever access. The BarGuard™ is extends the width of the gate and is nearly 3" deep for complete protection of the panic bar yet provideing unencumbered access for exiting pedestrians
Meticulously welded and finished for long life and function.

BarGuard and LockGuard:
Heavy duty weldable assemblies designed to accomodate either lever locks (LockGuard) or panic bars (BarGuard) and prevent reach-through opening of pedestrian gates from outside the property.