QuickFold FLEXARM™ & FLEXGUIDE™ Gate Kits

Perfected over scores of installations this unique design guarantees maximum drive aisle, low noise and flexible gate designs. Order it as a complete systems designed, build and delivered-to-site (hyperlink to QuickFold Gate Systems). Or order a kit and fabricate the gate panels and assemble the system locally. The QuickFold FLEXGUIDE kit is a track-guided system. The QuickFold FLEXARM kit is a trackless system. Both kits QuickFold kits can be operated with the Torxun Model 3 or other commercial swing gate operators.

QuickFold FLEX Kits:
Torxun has two kits, the FLEXARM™ and FLEXGUIDE™ which include everything you need to build a trackless (FLEXARM) or track (FLEXGUIDE) QuickFold, folding gate system.

Each kit is the set of hardware that will allow twin gates built to Torxun specifications by others to be hung and operated as a QuickFold Gate System. The completed gate system can be automated with the Torxun Model 3 or other heavy duty pad mounted or actuator arm UL325 Listed gate operators. One kit is required for each pair of gate panels (two kits for a bi-parting gate system).

QuickFold Gate System: Torxun also provides complete gate system designed, built, tested and delivered to site matching the customer's requirements. The system includes gates, QuickFold hardware, header and, if desired, posts and wing panels. We support the customer's design constraints and considerations..

QuickFold FLEXARM Product Information Sheet (pdf)

QuickFold FLEXGUIDE Product Information Sheet (pdf)

A full set of illustrated installation instructions are provided with each purchase. These describe in detail how to build the gates and assemble the hinges and folding hardware.