The recent industry trend to bring vehicle sensing above ground has included sensing devices by Optex and BEA. In response to the desire to both protect and hide these devices, Torxun created the SensorVault™, an above-ground bollard style enclosure entirely crafted of heavy-duty steel with an opening which allows the chosen sensor to scan the nearby environment. The SensorVault™ for Optex includes a smoky Lexan screen that provides the appearance of an architectural light fixture. The SensorVault™ is designed to protect against weather and vandalism -- reducing costs associated with wear-and-tear, theft and vandalism. The SensorVault™ ships in standard powder-coated black but is also available in safety yellow for higher traffic, commercial applications. Installing a sensor into the SensorVault™ is simple and we include an excellent illustrated manual that includes Optex™ approved programming steps. Currently, the Optex™ OVS-01GT is the only product supported by SensorVault™, however, SensorVault™ support for the BEA™ LZR-130 will be available in Q3 2020

With the rapid expansion of gate vehicle sensors, Torxun is at the forefront of beautifully protecting these devices with the SensorVault™ protection bollard.

Currently shipping a SensorVault™ specifically designed for the Optex OVS-01GT Vehicle Presence Sensor, there is no better protection on the market. With an exquisite powder-coated solid steel casing and predrilled and finished footing along with dark smoked Lexan™ faceplate, the SensorVault™ is designed to blend in with it’s surroundings. It appears more like a landscape light than the target for vandalism that every other market option offers.

Meticulously designed and tested in hundreds of installations, clients continuously comment that the SensorVault™ is the beautiful alternative to visible hardware. Gate installers and integrators appreciate the simple, clean installation and reduced callbacks.

Perfect for industrial applications with our safety yellow version, or office and residential applications with our Graphite Black option, both add beautiful sophistication to a completed install.

With gate hardware vandalism, theft and inclement weather as continuous predators of sophisticated new sensors, SensorVault™ steps up as the leading industry protection solution for all sensors including BEA (shipping Q3, 2020). Each SensorVault™ protection bollard includes an illustrated installation manual including Optex approved programming steps.

Specify Black or Optional Safety Yellow when ordering.