AUTOPED Operator

Torxun's AUTOPED is the first advanced automated, fully-outdoor rated pedestrian ADA operator. It is designed for fenceline applications like perimeters, pool gates and parking garages. The AUTOPED electro-hydraulic mechanics and controls are housed in a watertight stainless steel case. Easily programmed settings allow for push-n-go or standard input operation as well as four speed/force and timing settings at multiple points along the open/close arc.

The AUTOPED is designed to comply with ANSI 156.19 low energy opener standards and is pending UL325 listing.

The AUTOPED can be mounted on new gates, retrofitted on existing gates or bought as a turnkey, Torxun AMPED AUTOPED system.

The AUTOPED operator arrives in box ready for install with detailed installation instructions.

Order the AUTOPED operator in either a right or left-hand configuration. Note that 110V power is required and should be appropriately specified and pulled for outdoor conditions.

Left-Hand AUTOPED Stainless Cover p/n 1130.0100
Right-Hand AUTOPED Stainless Cover p/n 1130.0150