Torxun Model 3

Durable, quiet, reliable and heavy-duty make the Torxun Model 7 a one-of-a-kind slide gate operator.

The Model 7 is indoor and fully-outdoor rated ready for harsh environments. It is compatible with special high security solenoid locks and has a built-in locking system standard. Its motor-gearbox is DC powered resulting in inherent battery back-up and it uses the same control board as the Model 3. The Model 7 is fully UL325 and ANSI 156.10 compatible and UL325 listing is pending.

The Model 7 operator can be installed by dealers on their gate systems following Torxun easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. Or it can be specified as a fully turnkey SecureSlide gate system.

The Torxun Model 7 operator can be ordered in one of the following two package:

Model 7 Operator Slide Left OSLI p/n 1113.0100
Model 7 Operator Slide Right OSLI p/n 1113.0150

Your sales representative at will walk you through additional options for the finish and paint color and lift-door locking and safety and access control options.