AMPED Industrial Pedestiran Gate Systems

Nearly all properties with peremter security rely on pedestrian (man) gates. Ensuring they are handsome; reliable and durable; and secure from vandals who from the outside can access the lock and open them within seconds is a frustration to property owners. Torxun has developed a simple turnkey solution. The AMPED industrial gate system is handsome; excedingly reliable and durable and by using Torxun's LockGuard or BarGuard technology is secure. Furthermore, as a turnkey system it arrives on the customer's property fully assembled and tested so it only needs to be set in the ground (either wet set using the EmbedBase™ or surface mounted using the FlangeBase™ and the lock keys handed to the client.

AMPED Industrial Pedestrian Gate Systems:

A line of pedestrian gate systems available in the following configurations:

  • EmbedBase panic bar hardware (1106.0010)
  • EmbedBase leverset hardware (1106.0030)
  • FlangeBase panic bar hardware (1106.0020)
  • FlangeBase leverset hardware (1106.0040)

Of course with each of these systems, the final product is custom built for each installation. Torxun provides an easy-to-use sales intake form and will provide shop drawings for sign-off prior to build.

Options include gate screening, width, mechanical and electric lock hardware, closer hardware, finish (paint) and more.